The Zyklon B of the 21st Century


Ehden Biber

There are horrifying similarities between the chemical weapon which was used by the Nazis in WW-II to terminate Jews in gas chambers and the SARS virus that we are being attacked with, in particular its spike protein.

  • Both the Zyklon B and the spike SARS_CoV_2 were engineered.
  • Like with the Zyklon B, it is an enhancement of previous research.
  • Both the original Zyklon and the original SARS were developed for a different purpose – the Zyklon gas was supposed to be a pesticide, the original SARS virus was supposed to be an HIV vaccine.
  • Like the original Zyklon gas, the SARS virus which is the ancestor of the SARS_CoV_2 was weaponized and used against humans (the first SARS outbreak).
  • Like with the first Zyklon (Zyklon A) gas, which was used in WW-I by the Germans as a chemical weapon and became banned, the research of the gain-of-function work which is at the heart of the SARS weapon was banned.
  • The original Zyklon had an inefficient delivery mechanism, and the Nazis used engineering to improve its performance by the development of the gas chambers and used gas canisters instead of other delivery mechanisms. The original SARS virus had an inefficient delivery mechanism, and it was enhanced to become the highly infectious SARS_CoV_2 family of bioweapons.
  • Like the Zyklon B, its main purpose of development was to allow a stealthy murder of human beings with them only realizing what is happening when it is too late.
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A Pass(port) to Hell

Dedicated with love to Jordan B Peterson.

By Ehden Biber

The reason why totalitarian regimes hate literature classics is because stories are powerful, because reading them might allow you to expand your prism of reality and integrate narratives from these books into yourself, and because classic literature has many insights about life. When people describe a dystopian world many quote George Orwell’s “1984”, or Aldus Huxley’s “Brave New World”. However, there is one book that perhaps describes what our society is experiencing right now better than the two above. It was written by Carlo Lorenzini, a humorist, journalist, and an author, who was known by his pen name Carlo Collodi and his masterpiece “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, which he wrote in 1883. Most people are familiar with the Disney adaptation of the book, which became the animated movie “Pinocchio”. However, like in the cinematic adaptation that was done to the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, which became “The Wizard of Oz”, Hollywood’s final product was a sugar-coated edition of a book that had important messages not only for the young audience but also for the adults. In this article I will use one of Pinocchio’s adventures from the book to show how relevant it is to our days, the same way Jordan Peterson used the Disney adaptation to explain other hidden elements that the story tells us.

Peterson, one of the most influential thinkers of our time, has lost his voice and has not spoken out against the tyranny we are experiencing. Peterson, like all father figures, is lost in the belly of the beast, so I decided, as someone who loves him dearly, to set his spirit free by sharing more insights from a story he loves so much.

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Variantology – The Deadly Optimization No One Talks About

Ehden Biber

I think we need a little bit of time off from the contracts. Let’s entertain ourselves with a real mystery – how can some “variants” becomes so dominant?

Well, if you ask virologists, they will talk about evolutionary pressure, and about the evolvement of the virus in order to improve its fitness. That sounds very reasonable, but it misses one small factor – the shot themselves.

All the experimental gene therapy treatments which also known as “the vaccines” have one thing in common – they are using something called “Codon Optimization”.

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PfizerLeak – What If the Pfizer Contracts Were Declared Illegal?

Ehden Biber


The Pfizer contracts I shared with you have few obligations, which took me time to grasp their importance.

First, here are the obligations from the Brazilian contract:

Purchaser also expressly and irrevocably waives the application of any Law in any jurisdiction that may otherwise limit or cap its obligation to pay damages arising from or in connection with any Indemnified Claims… and bind Purchaser and the state of Brazil to the limitation of liability and liability waivers sets forth herein.


The “Purchaser (it)…will continue to have adequate statutory or regulatory authority and adequate funding…(to) fulfill the indentation obligations and provide adequate protection (to Pfizer and) shall maintain such (laws) and funding… a condition precedent to supply… requires that Purchaser shall implement and maintain in effect such statutory or regulatory requirements…sufficient to meet it obligations in the contract…shall maintain such statuatory and regulatory requirements… for as long as necessary. … the sufficient of such statutory or regulatory requirements …shall be in Suppliers’ sole discretion.

These clauses raises up the following urgent questions:

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