Men without hats are living on the edge

Men without hats are living on the edge

How to solve the Clash between ethics, personal integrity, “the system” and hacking? A special post for the holiday season.

By Eh’den (Uri) Biber CISA/CISM/CISSP/CRISC, member of the Neuroleadership institute.

Should a hacker ever give up his values and belief system, and if so, when? This blog is about the clash of personal belief with reality, and why a newly defined international standard can help us reach a more universal definition of what is good and what is bad.

About a month and a half ago a gambling company located in Gibraltar contacted me. They found my CV on monster, they saw I was interested in a new role (still do) and so they asked me if I want to work for them. When I told my friends and family about it had brought upon me a rain of criticism from some of them who said to me “You? Work for the gambling industry? How can you work in such unethical place?”, and this brings me to the subject of this blog is – the explosive subject of ethics, moral, and universal truth. Continue reading


The Metrics

The Metrics

What does a mass murderer has to do with information security metrics?

By Eh’den (Uri) Biber, CISM/CISSP/CISA/CRISC, member of the NeuroLeadership Institute.

A few days ago, on the 13th of December 2011 Belgians were shocked to discover that in Liege a gunman had killed 5 people and injured scores of people.

To anyone who don’t know where Belgium is, or where Liege is – I’ve enclose below a map. If you can’t even identify Belgium in the small map I suggest to search for it – it might be small in size, but it compensate with its beer and chocolates.  Liege is located about 60 miles or 90km to the east of the capital, Brussels. Continue reading