an integrated bio-evolutionary approach to information security

An integrated bio-evolutionary approach to information security

Eh’den (Uri) Biber

I must admit I was surprised when I got the message from RSA Conferences telling me they had turned down my proposal for a talk in their upcoming event. As someone who has been working in the industry for a while and who follows lectures in conferences (both hackers and industry) I knew that my ideas are different from where “most of what’s out there”, but anyone who knows you personally can tell you I’ve always been “different than most of what’s out there”, so it made sense 🙂
Still, I find it hard to believe that in an industry that is driven by a constant change people will refuse to consider a different approach to the subject. When submitting I’ve scanned other proposals, and none of them (from what I saw) seems to present a different thinking on the subject of information security like I was planning to show.

So here it is, the proposal I submitted to RSA, which they turned down. I will let you decide for yourself if that’s something you would like to hear about, and I’m looking forward to your comments and ideas…

Short description:

Organizations are similar to living organisms but instead of a body and a brain they utilize employees and technologies.
This lecture will show how the ongoing research in biology, neurology, bio-chemistry, mathematics and behavioural science can help you tackle both internal challenges as well as external threats in order to allow your organization to thrive and survive in an ever changing world.


Interested to learn how your organization can survive and thrive in the ever changing world using science domains such as biology, mathematics, neurology and behaviour science? This lecture is for you!

Session details:

Millions of years of evolution brought life, especially humans to where they are today, yet we seem to forget it when it comes to the way technology is being used in organizations. Due to the fact that the IT solutions most organizations are using has been designed to support fixed business processes and not to endlessly adapt, most of them are unable to withstand the vast leap in technology that is occurring these days.
I see the cyber world is part of evolution – it is another environment in which consciousness is being extended and expanded – yet we seem to totally ignore the way living organisms have evolved to survive and thrive in an ever changing environment. This is the root cause why many of our security solutions have failed, and I believe it is time for a real paradigm shift.
The purpose of this lecture is to provide a new perspective on the interaction between humans and technology, an integrated bio-evolutionary approach to information security.
Can you imagine how IT systems would look like if we started to implement ideas and principles that have been proven to work throughout the different stages of life on earth? What if we would approach IT not as a segregated element of the business but as part of a living organism? Will we leverage the principles of anti-fragility and create an anti-fragile IT environment? What is the relationship between IT and cancer? Should the way animals interact in nature via symbiosis of seemingly unrealistic alliances between organisms be replicated in the cyber security domain? What kind of lessons could we learn from the fractalized world around us when we decide to design and protect our IT environments as well as the organization’s employees?
Via my lecture I hope to help people see that unless we start to look at IT as part of a living organism we will never be able to create an environment that will truly support the business.
The ideas I will present are based on my own writing (please visit my blog at, integrating the work of many researchers & writers in the field of biology, immunology, neurology, math, behavioral science and more. As a strong believer that the only way for organization to survive is via awareness and symbiosis not only at the technological but also at the human level I plan to present some outstanding ideas and solutions, so please stay tuned 🙂
I hope I got you interested, and I’m looking forward to your follow up
Best Regards

One thought on “an integrated bio-evolutionary approach to information security

  1. Hi Uri. Having attended your talk recently, I can only say that those conference guys missed a very original and surprising session. But then, yes, I can understand that some security people don’t like ideas that can explode one’s mind, and that it can be so comfortable to hide between the solid concrete walls of old-style standards. Security and risk management will need more people with new insights. People that look at the real living world and try to understand it’s mechanisms. Keep on exploring, Uri.

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