The Invincible Warrior

How to become invincible

An awareness tale (or a tale of awareness), written by Eh’den (Uri) Biber / BlueSkyOfLove.

Dedicated with love to all of us who try to conquer our world.

Once upon a time there was a young man who dreamed of becoming invincible. He heard a legend that in a far away enchanted forest lives an old man, the wisest person in the whole world, so he decided to seek for his advice. He packed up his sword, travelled for months until he reach the forest, and upon his arrival he stood and called: Old man! I’ve heard many stories about your wisdom so I’ve travelled from the other side the world to discover how to become invincible. Would you please tell me the secret?

After a while (which sounded like eternity to the man) a voice came from within the forest “You can not see it, you are not ready. Come back in one year from now

What?? to wait a whole year?” Thought the man to himself. “How dare he? I will find him and convince him tell the secret“. The man jumped inside the forest, search everywhere for a whole week but his efforts were in vain, he was unable to find the old man.
OK, I will return in a year“, said the defeated young man, turned back and disappeared.

Exactly a year later a large group of armed soldiers appeared at the edge of the forest. Then, their leader talked:

Old man! It is I, the man you sent away a year ago. I came back with my army of 50 warriors. My army is feared by everyone, and I came back to learn the secret of becoming invincible. Tell me the secret now, old man!

After a while, the familiar voice came from within the forest “
You still can not see it. Come back in ten years from now
TEN YEARS? Do you know who you’re messing with?” screamed the man that felt extremely upset. “If you will not tell me the secret right now, I will send my man inside to hunt you down! Then, when you will be in my hands I will force you to tell me everything I wish to know“.
I am sorry, but you can not see it” said the voice, again.
The man sent his loyal followers into the forest, promising the person who will bring him back the old man alive a treasure chest that had been filled with golden coins, and he waited, and waited, and waited. His soldiers came out of the forest one by one without the old man, and the man punished each and every one of them for their failure by ending their lives with his sword. After all his men were dead the frustrated man jumped on his horse and shouted to the forest: “Old man, I will come back in 10 years, and I promise you – when I will be back, you WILL tell me the secret!!!


Ten years minus a month had passed, and a huge army led by the man approached the old forest. After a month the forest was surrounded from every direction for as far as any human eye can see. The army settled down, silence spread throughout the land. Then, exactly ten years after his last attempt the man spoke:
Old man! It is I, the man you sent away ten years ago. I am the king of this planet, I am here with one hundred thousand soldiers who are all under my command. Old man, as your king I order you to tell me how to become invincible, or else I will burn your forest down!

After a long silent the familiar voice spoke again “
You still can not not see it, you are not ready. Come back in 50 years from now
The man felt a wave of anger spreading within him. “Old man, this is your last warning – if you will not tell me the secret immediately I will order my army to cut and burn every tree in the forest until they will find you and kill you. Tell me the secret, NOW!
I am sorry, but I can not make you to see what you can not see for yourself” said the voice, softly.
“If I can not have the secret, no one will” thought to himself the king, who then furiously ordered his army to destroy the forest, promising to give a mountain of gold to the one who will bring him back the old man dead or alive. After a month of cutting and burning every tree, every bush, every flower, the enchanted forest turned into a desert, and in that void the man realized he was defeated for the third time. No one managed to capture the old man, no one managed to to kill him, and in fact, no one even saw him.
50 years had passed. The man who was once young became old, the king who once ruled the world was now just another lost soul. One day, as the old man was walking slowly down a road he thought he once conquered he noticed a young forest. A vague memory from a forgotten past passed via the the man, and with it came a sense of tiredness. The old man stepped off the road, went deep inside the forest, and when he found a clearing he stopped to lay down on the ground. Lying on the forest floor felt so safe, thus the old man quickly fell asleep, only to wake up long after the day had turned into a night. The tree tops moved ever so gently, and since the man didn’t remember the way out of the forest he just set there, with his eyes closed, feeling the universe beating through him.        Suddenly, a familiar voice came whispering through the forest: “NOW you know the SECRET. welcome back”
© All rights reserved, 2011, 2014.

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