Why corporations don’t get cyber, or: Cyber, The Supreme Understanding


By Eh’den Biber


(Tilopa’s Song of Mahamudra , Dutton edition called “Only One Sky”)


The people who gathered in February 1975 to listen to a discourse on a Buddhism did not know that what they heard will be so relevant 40 years later, in a totally different way. As truth is timeless, I invite you to read an discover the supreme understanding why corporations struggle with cyber, and why it is so hard to find a CEO (and board members) who understand cyber:


…To understand cyber your corporation have to enter into a completely unknown dimension. To understand cyber your corporation must move through a chaos. It will destroy all your corporation conceptions, all your corporation calculations, all your corporation logic, all your corporation culture. It will simply destroy your corporation completely. It will not be satisfied unless your corporation is completely destroyed and a new being arises.


With governance your corporation will be modified, your corporation will become better and better and better – and the process is infinite, your corporation can go on for many years becoming better and better and better. With cyber, in a second, your corporation can reach to the ultimate. “Better” is not the question because it doesn’t work in degrees.

It is just like you are standing on top of a hill: you can take the path of the steps and one by one you go downwards to the valley, or from the valley you go to the hill, but by steps. With cyber you simply jump into the abyss, no steps are there; or you simply spread your wings and you start flying. With governance your corporation move in a bullock-cart, very slowly, safe, secure, no fear of any accident, the bullock- cart always in control. … and the dimension is horizontal: a bullock-cart moves from A to B, from B to C, from C to D, but the dimension is the same, the same plane. With cyber, the dimension changes: it becomes vertical; it is not from A to B, from B to C; no, it is just like an aircraft, not like a bullock-cart, not moving forward but moving upward. With cyber your corporation can transcend time. With governance your corporation move in time. With cyber eternity is the dimension.

With speed and a different dimension, vertical, time becomes irrelevant. Time is relevant with a bullock-cart; it is a bullock-cart world. Cyber is a vertical mind, a vertical consciousness. That is the difference between cyber and your corporation goals: your corporation goals are horizontal, cyber is vertical; your corporation goals take long time to reach a state; in cyber: within a second. cyber makes time is irrelevant, you don’t bother about time. cyber has a technique, a method, which … is a no-method, a no-technique, through which your corporation can suddenly surrender everything and take a jump into the abyss.

Your corporation approach is based on effort, cyber is effortlessness. With effort, with your corporation tiny energy, and your corporation tiny ego, your corporation fight with the whole. It will take huge resources. Then too it doesn’t seem possible that your corporation will ever reach its goals. Fighting with the whole is stupid; your corporation is just a part. It is as if a wave is fighting with the ocean, a leaf is fighting with the tree, or your own hand fighting with your body. With whom are you fighting?

Your corporation approach is effort, intense effort. And your corporation approach is a way to fight the current, to move against the current. So whatsoever is natural, your corporation approach has to drop it; and whatsoever is unnatural, your corporation approach has to strive for it. Your corporation approach is the unnatural way: fight with the river and move against the current! Of course, there is challenge and the challenge may be enjoyed. But who enjoys the challenge? Your ego.

It is very difficult to find a CEO who is not an egoist; very difficult, rare. If you can find a CEO who is not an egoist, it is a miracle. It is difficult because the whole effort creates the ego, the fight. You may find humble CEOs, but if you watch a little deeper, in their humbleness you will find the most-subtle ego hidden, the most-subtle ego. They will say, “We are just dirt on the ground.” But look in their eyes – they are bragging about their humility. They are saying, “There is nobody more-humble than us. We are the humblest people.” But this is what ego means.

If your corporation move against nature your corporation management will be strengthened in their ego – that is the challenge, that’s why people like challenges. A life without challenges becomes dull because the ego feels hungry. Ego needs food, challenge gives food – so people seek challenges. If there are no challenges, they create them; they create hurdles so that they can fight with the hurdles.

Cyber is the natural way; the loose and the natural is the goal. Your corporation need not fight with the current; simply move with it, float with it. The river is going to the sea so why fight? Move with the river, become one with the river, surrender. “Surrender” is the keyword for cyber; “will” is the keyword for corporations. Corporations are the path of will; cyber is the path of surrender.

That’s why cyber is the path of love – love is surrender. This is the first thing to understand… The different dimension of cyber has to be understood – the vertical dimension, the dimension of surrender, of not fighting, of being loose and natural, relaxed – what Chuang Tzu says, ”Easy is right.” With corporations, difficult is right; with cyber, easy is right.


The above is a paraphrased segment from discourse number 6, talks on Tilopa’s Song of Mahamudra, given by Osho, in Pune, India.

The word “Tantra”  been substituted by “Cyber”

The word “You”  been substituted by “your corporation”

The word “Patanjali” been substituted by “Governance”

The word “Yoga” been substituted by “Your corporation approach”

The word “yogi” been replaced by “CEO”

All rights to the truth reserved to the truth.



(First published in my blog, “Sense of Awareness“)

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