When a Muslim met a Jew (the X-rated edition)

A tale about elections, erections, infosec and awareness.

By Eh’den Biber


Last week I had a conversation with an extremely intelligent man, who is also holding a passport of a country who is Muslim. A country which don’t have a diplomatic relationship with the country I was born in, Israel.

The Arab-Israeli conflict reminds me a very smart Jewish which can be paraphrased more or less to “Wise people shut the fuck up”. Obviously wisdom is way far ahead of me, but in the meanwhile, it’s a great story.

So we talked. About Israel, and his country, and it was very interesting because he was surprised that I grew in a semi-atheist environment (Oh, Tel-Aviv, you have wonderful sides). I was surprised because I’m not used to a dialogue about the subject that does not end up in stereotypes. It’s been a while since I talked about the subject, mainly because of the fact I got tired of hearing how the Jews control the world. I want to remind ANYONE who still think so to stop reading and look at the other side of the appliance they are using to read this. It’s China who owns the world.

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