Making Privacy Great Again (?) – The Blackphone Story – Part 4 – There’s a Snake in My Boot

Blackphone as an allegory to why the bad guys are winning, a step-by-step guide to unlocking your device, and to whom you should say “you’re welcome!”.

By Eh’den Biber

First of all, my apologies for the delay in writing. It was totally unintended, but life, as you all know, have a comic view of our perception that we are in control of it. We are funny.

So, back to the Blackphone. I must admit that I’m surprised with what I learned. It’s so true that until we experience something as a personal experience knowing about facts that are related to that experience are meaningless. A total colour-blindness, non-ability to grasp the vast spectrum of radiation most of us can do naturally.

But before we begin with the boot story, let me just highlight a surprising point – if you wanted a proof that no one cares about security, INCLUDING security people, take a look at the vast security reviews that were performed so far on the phone. I know, nothing out there.

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