Today I was supposed to post a new contract, but it seems Twitter had other plans for me. In any case, I have conducted two interviews on the topic, and I present them to you.

FIRST INTERVIEW – The American Journal with Harrison Smith.

SECOND INTERVIEW – America’s Frontline Doctors, with Mordechai Sones



  1. I really enjoyed your interview with Harrison Smith this morning and the repeat of it this evening. God bless you for answering my prayer for information as to the possible costs of those inoculations. Pfizer probably offers a big bonus for anyone who persuades the government agent to agree or sign the contract, probably without even reading it. About fifty years ago in University of Winnipeg, one of my professors told the class of a government employee getting a huge kick back or bonus I guess, on getting Egypt to buy wheat or something else from Canada. When I was working for a church headquarters, a salesman offered me a watch or something else if I would get the church to put in a big order of special light bulbs from the salesman. This happened about about forty or more years ago too. The other pharmaceutical companies are probably doing similar things to sell their products. Look what happened to three heads of state lately when they refused to go along with the Covid-19 lock down and vaccination program. They got assassinated. (Report heard on American Journal on 13 July 2021.).

  2. Great job. i can’t wait to see the EU contract. Also I would love to see Moderna, J&J and also AZ, as that one have taken a lot of heat, maybe because their contract is more “correct” (can’t find the right word, sorry)

  3. Could you also find the SWISS contracts. Switzerland seems to play a central role in the plandemic with all the globalist organizations.

  4. The top executives from the pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer should be criminally charged. The have gone around the backs of the public and government institutions to develop secret and likely illegal and contractual agreements. They have turned the world into a giant petri dish, and their vaccines are creating
    evolutionary selection pressure towards more virulent strains of the sars-cov-2 virus. Between the maladaptive leaky vaccine-driven evolutionary dynamics, possible Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), and secret/ illegal contracts, with friends like Pfizer, who needs enemies?

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