Variantology – The Deadly Optimization No One Talks About

Ehden Biber

I think we need a little bit of time off from the contracts. Let’s entertain ourselves with a real mystery – how can some “variants” becomes so dominant?

Well, if you ask virologists, they will talk about evolutionary pressure, and about the evolvement of the virus in order to improve its fitness. That sounds very reasonable, but it misses one small factor – the shot themselves.

All the experimental gene therapy treatments which also known as “the vaccines” have one thing in common – they are using something called “Codon Optimization”.


So first, what the hell is a “Codon”, how can you optimize it, and why should you even care?

A codon is “a specific sequence of three consecutive nucleotides that is part of the genetic code and that specifies a particular amino acid in a protein or starts or stops protein synthesis” (Merriam-Webster)

For the optimization, let us head to Vincent P. Mauro paper from 2018 which appeared in BioDrugs, In it, the author has explained that gene therapies which generates proteins use the cell line to do so, and that in order to improve the performance of the protein generation the manufacturers use something called “codon optimization”, which is a technique that is possible because most amino acids can be encoded in multiple ways via genetic code, and therefor different coding can yield different production capacity, sometimes allowing more than 1000 times more generation of proteins. The way this magic is that because each specie has its own limitations related to codon coding, creating a code which increase the rate of translation by for example replacing letters can lead to the required results.

Now… that sounds great, isn’t it? More than 1000 times improved performance, sounds great… until you read the next sentences:

“However, in mammalian cells, assumptions underlying codon optimization appear to be poorly supported or unfounded. Moreover, because not all synonymous codon mutations are neutral, codon optimization can lead to alterations in protein conformation and function…. and increase immunogenicity….some of these elements can … alter protein folding, and lead to changes in protein conformation and post-translational modifications.”

So if it is so problematic, why do they use it? The author explains in his conclusion:

“One possible reason is that in some cases, higher levels of protein expression are required for clinical trials and commercialization, and these expression levels can sometimes be obtained by using codon-optimized mRNAs—regardless of the underlying mechanism. Unfortunately, some of the potential problems associated with codon optimization, which can affect protein function and increase immunogenicity, may not be seen until the drug is in late stage clinical trials, or after the drug is on the market.”


  1. The whole idea behind using codon optimization for mammalian cells (and reminder – you are a mammal), is unfounded… AND
  2. Codon Optimization can lead to a spike protein that does not look nor act like the “original” SARS-CoV-2.
  3. The manufacturers do it so they get approved by showing their product generates enough proteins
  4. It can lead to results which will not be seen until the product will be in the market.

(source: “Codon Optimization in the Production of Recombinant Biotherapeutics: Potential Risks and Considerations“)

Does this reminds you ANYTHING you see with the “vaccines”?


So who has optimized codons?

  1. AstraZeneca
  2. Pfizer
  3. Moderna
  4. Sputnik V
  5. Janssen
  6. The Chinese ones are funny – they claim to use a full SARS-CoV-2, but since no one ever really isolated it, it is hard to assume they use anything which is not codon opimised.

In short: seems like everyone.

Pfizer as an example

Let’s take for example an mRNA treatment, the Pfizer BNT162b2 experimental gene therapy treatment, also known as “The Pfizer Vaccine”.

If you want to read about the reverse engineering of the code itself, Bert Hubert who is an excellent science writer has written in December 2020 the following article entitled “Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine” in which he described in details the product, in it he describes how the Spike protein information in the mRNA(3777 characters) is ‘codon optimized’ , which lead us to another paper, that was published on the 25th of March 2021 “BNT162b2 Vaccine: possible codons misreading, errors in protein synthesis and alternative splicing’s anomalies“.

Kira Smith, from the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in the University of Eastern Piedmont located at Norova, Italy, has written in his article that in order to full the immune system, Uracil was being replaced with Ψ (Pseudouridine), they replaced the letters in codon triplets, they replaced amino acids with Proline, and they added a sequence (3′-UTR) with unknown alteration. As Kira Smith wrote, “These impairments could cause strong doubts about the presence of codon usage errors…In essence, what will be created may not be identical with protein S Spike”, not to mention the unknown, proprietary 3′-UTR sequence.

“Wait, what the hell is that?”

“3′ untranslated regions (3′ UTRs) of messenger RNAs (mRNAs) are best known to regulate mRNA-based processes, such as mRNA localization, mRNA stability, and translation. In addition, 3′ UTRs can establish 3′ UTR-mediated protein-protein interactions (PPIs), and thus can transmit genetic information encoded in 3′ UTRs to proteins. This function has been shown to regulate diverse protein features, including protein complex formation or posttranslational modifications, but is also expected to alter protein conformations. Therefore, 3′ UTR-mediated information transfer can regulate protein features that are not encoded in the amino acid sequence. (“What Are 3′ UTRs Doing?”, Christine Mayr, 2019)

Moderna is using a proprietary 5′-UTR sequence. I will stop here before I’m going to lose you.

It is not only Pfizer

I took Pfizer as an example because of the published paper. As it seems everyone use codon optimization we don’t have a clue what is exactly producted.


But surely, it is still experimental, right? It is under review? They test it, right? right?



In an interview with Dr. Robert Malone, who invented the mRNA treatment, he explained the following facts:

  1. These are Gene Therapies, but they are not being monitored by the regulators as such, only as vaccines.
  2. Normally such treatment must be followed both the gene therapy follow up and vaccine follow up protocol.
  3. The reason as one of the participates have explained was a change in the law that took place in 2009, where it is not required to follow the gene therapy in case of emergency …
  4. What it means is that NO INFORMATION IS BEING COLLECTED AND MONITORED for the product of the gene therapy – meaning the spike protein and everything else that they might create.
  5. The active agent is the expressed protein antigen, but because it was never treated as a gene therapy we do not know how much the expressed protein is being expressed, where it is produced, for how long, and what are the cells which they are infecting.
  6. Pfizer characterized the parfocal distribution of the active drug material, and the expression of the trans-gene not using the final drug product, but using a surrogate (which is usually not allowed). They didn’t characterised the expression of spike protein but the expression of the Luciferase,
  7. The analysis of the Luciferase was done by imaging the whole animal, not by looking at part by part of the animals. It is biased to capture only where there is most expression. It is the most least sensitive method. The regulatory authorities were not technical enough to see they are being fooled.
  8. 12% of the lipids were found in ovaries tissues but not in the testicles.
  9. In traditional vaccines, genome toxicity and and reproductive toxicity is often not required. But in gene therapy it is absolutely required, and yet they did not do sufficient reproductive toxicity and there were no genome toxicity studies done. NONE.
  10. The phase 1, 2, and 3 of the trials were not design in a way that would allow to identify Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE) if it would occur.


In colclusion

It does not matter what type of an experimental gene therapy treatment you will be injecting to yourself, one thing for sure:

  1. Codon optimization is problematic technology no one seems to talk about, being used for the wrong reasons.
  2. The shot is not going to generate a spike protein which is identical to the genome sequence which was published as the isolated sequence but was never really isolated, and even the CDC admits it, so how exactly they did it?
  3. On paper, the Chinese experimental gene therapy treatment might be the best knockoff version of the original SARS-CoV-2. It is hard to trust it without substantial evidence because no one really test the spike proteins as part of the trial.
  4. Both Pfizer and Moderna have genetic code (3′-UTR and 5′-UTR) which we have no clue what they do.
  5. The Codon Optimization is most likely the source of what is known as “variants”, and it seems no one is looking into it. It was speed vs safety…. and since manufacturers don’t need to worry about safety (because they got indemnification) they chosen speed.
  6. The new booster shots that will be arriving soon will AGAIN not go via an analysis of them as a gene therapy.
  7. These shots will include a new genetic code and perhaps new 3′-UTR and 5′-UTR coding which we have no clue about their safety. Again, the product is designed for speed (of protein manufacturing), not safety.
  8. These shots will not be given to people who did not receive any shot, so it would be impossible to know their real impact.

Now… after all of this horrific understanding… here is a reminder on how to return back to your true self. I’ll leave you with the beautiful voice of Milli Moonstone.

Become the flow.



2 thoughts on “Variantology – The Deadly Optimization No One Talks About

  1. Hi Ehden,
    are you aware that spanish doctors have found graphene oxide in some vials? as well as some moving stuff, things that are alive, pulling on the hexagonal, folded tissues of the graphene. Such stuff should not be in there either. Related to people becoming magnetic
    Key elements from spanish (Quinta columna) into english here, watch articles July 3 …

  2. Great work! There are also translation errors that occur during the in-vivo DNA amplification in E. Coli and especially in the in-vitro transcription phase of the manufacturing process.

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