About Ehden Biber

Information Security Professional


/Regulatory and GDPR Compliance/Cyber Resilience/Cloud Integration/Policy Development/Threat Management/ Vulnerability Management/3rd Party Risk Management/

  • Analytical information security professional with extensive hands-on experience.
  • Skilled in applying best practices across multiple security domains.
  • Deft at merging stakeholders needs with business requirements and aligning IS goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements.
  • Instrumental in streamlining processes to achieve measurable increase in productivity, privacy, confidentiality, availability, and integrity.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, driven by passion to help stakeholders reduce their risk exposure and improve their cyber resilience via awareness and education.

Disclaimer: I’m an endless vibration in an endless multi-dimensional stream, hiding from myself in myself, looking for myself in myself. My opinion does not represent anything.

Twitter: eh_den (currently suspended)

Telegram: T.ME/EH_DEN

Blog: Sense of Awareness

5 thoughts on “About Ehden Biber

  1. Hello. I found your website while lookking for stuff related with spatial awareness. One of your articles relates a lot with my life (big data, analytics etc –
    e.g. http://ovab.eu/2016/03/member-news-digital-signage-tv-analytics-the-audience-metrics-platform-for-the-indoor-tv-networks-launched-in-romania/)
    I am an entrepreneur and a researcher.

    When I read you have a child with autism, I felt like you can understand me and what I know will help you connect with your child.
    I have some ideas about how autism works and how the adults can support the development of the children. I am working with a counsellor and a few parents to explore my approach, and the results are… it works, the communication is possible. And it’s all about awareness, indeed. I thought of writing a protocol for this in the next years, but for the moment I am just letting the ideas unfold.

    I wrote this what-is-autism-and-how-to-deal-with-it framework in romanian (http://www.armonie.ro/autismul-si-campul-de-prezenta-pre-constienta-fundamental-awareness/), I will translate it into english and expand it when I have time. Maybe you can use google translate for the romanian article.

    Here is my research on conscious experience http://www.consciousness-quotient.com/psychology-of-becoming-conscious/
    There is at the end my hypothesis about autism.

    Please send me an email if you would like to find out more. And please delete this comment after reading it 🙂 I couldn’t find your email.

  2. Hey Ehden
    I just read your msg on your telegram channel.
    Could you maybe share everything you had on Twitter in the channel too?
    Also maybe you can use t.me/LivegramBot to create a bot so we can talk to and send anything of use to you through it so your personal account stays private.

  3. WRT Twitter suppressing exchange of information,, you should look into the court case being heard which involves Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai vs. Twitter and the State of Massachutes… Twitter was being called by the state to lock Dr. Shiva’s twitter during his Senate campaign.. Twitter mantains a “Trusted Partnership Portal” for Laundering Censorship at the request of partners,,, including Government,, which is a violation of both election law and constitution in America… Here is an audio/slideshow of his presentation at FrankSpeech Cuber symposium : https://www.brighteon.com/ceddb987-5db2-47ad-badb-e0b13b793869 Full Video: https://www.brighteon.com/54f0462c-e6ad-4614-8dc1-c4919a579b9c

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