Becoming Stephen Hawking

Truth is the only thing that stands between us and a cyber nightmare. Dedicated to the 2019 October Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

By Eh’den Biber


Virtual Insanity

Futures made of virtual insanity, now
Always seem to be governed by this love we have
For useless, twisting, all that new technology
Oh, now there is no sound, for we all live underground

(Jamiroquai, “Virtual Insanity”, from the album “Travelling Without Moving”)


There is a reason why people in the west can’t grasp how the disappearance of privacy and the total exposure of our most intimate states is a part of a dystopian nightmare, and it has to do with who we are.

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Pray We See

Pray We See

About cows, dogs, naked women and privacy

By Eh’den (Uri) Biber

Last week on the 27th of June the London ISACA chapter had an event on the subject of big data and privacy. Both subjects seem to interconnect in recent weeks due to the latest American movie blockbuster called White House Down, sorry Snowden and the seven deadly sins. I guess we don’t need to extend about it anymore, and I guess all of us are pretty tired from listening to endless repeated reports about the NSA. I can only wish I could say the NSA is tired of listening to us, but I’m not a politician so I will leave lying to the professionals. Continue reading