Time Capsule

“Hey Eh’den, I found two hard disks of yours”. My wife and I have been struggling with water ingress issue in our son’s bedroom, and while she was taking the opportunity un-hording (also known as “throw away shit he is still keeping”) she discovered forgotten external hard disks of mine. One of them was a mini USB drive, 500GB of information which I thought I already backed up onto my 2TB hard drive.

As I was going over the endless folders and sub-sub folders I discovered a folder called “videos”. And there I discovered old videos I took of my kids when they were young.

I played the videos to my wife. She was sitting next to me in quiet, shocked. After watching few of videos she told me “Eh’den, I now understand why you refused to accept his autism. He looked so normal as a child”.

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Men, Bicycles, Russian Girls, and Spam




Adventure into the male psyche that helps spammers make money.

By Eh’den Biber

This is the story of the spam email, the vulnerabilities it exploits, and the remediation actions required to it.


How we got here?

As was written many times in the past, the internet was never designed to be internet, it was intranet from a trust perspective – and protocols RFCs that were developed on top of it never imagined that it will run on dog collars. I kid you not.

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The Revolution

How I became part of an invisible hacking revolution.

By Eh’den Biber

Remark – In contrary to my other writings (e.g. “making privacy great again”), this is going to be an evolving story. It means that I will be continuously updating it. Also, I plan to record it as a podcast so you could listen to it rather than read it.


2017-05-14 – V01 – Long Drive + The Revolution
2017-05-15 – V02 – Stealing Fire + The Guinee Pig
2017-05-15 – V03 –  Ecstasis + Lost in the Rain + The Sacred Four
2017-05-21 – V04 – Frederick + Mad Intelligence
2017-08-13 – V05 – Time Capsule

Prologue – Long drive

13 years ago, when my youngest son Rephael was three and half years old, my ex-wife and I arrived to a Belgian hospital to hear the diagnostic of his condition. After months of observations and tests the result came in, and even though I remember everything that was said, looking back I realise that at that time I had no ability to grasp their meaning: “Your son has severe autism. It will never go away, it will not improve. You will never be able to communicate with him, you will never be able to send him to a normal school. Your son will never be able to be independent, your son will need to be in a mental institute when he will grow up.

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Making Privacy Great Again (?) – The Blackphone Story – Part 4 – There’s a Snake in My Boot

Blackphone as an allegory to why the bad guys are winning, a step-by-step guide to unlocking your device, and to whom you should say “you’re welcome!”.

By Eh’den Biber

First of all, my apologies for the delay in writing. It was totally unintended, but life, as you all know, have a comic view of our perception that we are in control of it. We are funny.

So, back to the Blackphone. I must admit that I’m surprised with what I learned. It’s so true that until we experience something as a personal experience knowing about facts that are related to that experience are meaningless. A total colour-blindness, non-ability to grasp the vast spectrum of radiation most of us can do naturally.

But before we begin with the boot story, let me just highlight a surprising point – if you wanted a proof that no one cares about security, INCLUDING security people, take a look at the vast security reviews that were performed so far on the phone. I know, nothing out there.

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