The Technology Insanity

Why technology is not the solution to lack of awareness.

By Eh’den Biber


Trojan Insanity

When the Greek came up with the wonderful “Trojan horse” scam the term “I fear Greeks, even those bearing gifts” came to life, followed by the fall of Troy. According to the stories, the Trojan priest Laocoön guessed the plot and tried to warn the Trojans, but they wouldn’t listen.

From Laocoön perspective, the Trojans where acting in insane state, in an uncontrollable impulsive behaviour. For the Trojans, Laocoön was insane, not being able to distinguish between his own mind fantasies and what they perceived as reality, which was – the Greek run away, we got a present.

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The river, or, another break in the firewall

Written by Eh’den (Uri) Biber

Sometimes talent seems to come with an amazing self-conviction, and Nir Zuk in a strong example of such case. The extremely articulated security master performed last evening in front of a positive audience with huge self conviction when he presented the vision of his company, Palo Alto Networks, to a group of excited security managers in the SAP lounge, Brussels. (That’s Brussels, Belgium, Europe, the other side of the world to my fellow Americans. You know, a guiding tip in case you get lost in google earth…). The presentation finalized another successful security event organized by L-Sec, “Information Security Management 2010”.

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