Killing Social Engineering

Killing Social Engineering

Part of a presentation I recently wrote for a security event.

Eh’den (Uri) Biber

I’ve been professionally involved in information security since 1987, while starting hacking a few years before. I’ve witnessed information security become more and more sophisticated and advanced for both attackers and defenders. However, when it comes to what is known by information security experts as “social engineering” – or, as I prefer to call it – human manipulation – it seems that little progress has been made in that field.

After years of trying to understand how people can be influenced due to my youngest son’s autism that prevented him from being able to communicate with us I have been investigating in the last year the connection between neurology, human manipulation and information security. I’ve discovered a fascinating world, and the more I’ve learned the more I felt that it’s time to kill social engineering as we know it.

It’s time to grow up,  it’s time to approach the field via a scientific method.

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